About Jared

Jared Solomon has been a teacher, policy leader, and activist, who has spent his whole life working in public service to his community. As the son of two non-profit leaders, he learned the values of social justice and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) early in life. The desire to help “repair the world” has shaped Jared’s path.

Jared serves as the Board Chair of The Intersection, a program that teaches Baltimore high school ... Read More

Why I'm Running

I began my career as a high school teacher in Baltimore City and have dedicated my life to working in public service. I worked in DC Public Schools solving problems and resolving disputes. I spent the last 7 years or so working to try and improve Federal policy – including as an advisor to US Senator Bob Casey. I decided to run for office because I was frustrated that we weren’t making more progress at the Federal level and here in Maryland... Read More